Smart point for Mahogany Furniture Wholesaler

August 18, 2011
Mahogany Furniture

Same shape with different production method

Sometime we look at several furniture business website, such like online furniture website, wholesaler, and manufacturer, and in other side we know that the furniture which offered in one website and other website has different price even the shape and style in really same. This case not only found on internet but also found in offline store which located in your country.

Today I want to talk about this especially for wooden furniture. Talking about wooden furniture, the best wooden choice that can be good value from my country (Indonesia) is mahogany and teak wood. Both of them have good choice and better for investment to be produced as wooden furniture. Many overseas people come to my country to source teak or mahogany wooden furniture to resell at their country. For example; foreign company has been importing many style of wooden furniture for supplying their project and market demand at their country. Mostly they import many style of wooden furniture in mahogany reproduction furniture categories such like; French furniture style (mostly white painted) or French provincial furniture, gold leaves furniture, heavy carved furniture, teak garden furniture, and many style. When I meet and ask them about the reason; why do you import the furniture from Indonesia? They said the Indonesian furniture quality is still has good demand for the market. About their answer I agree and I think so, 3 years ago and until now I still service three foreign partner to export his furniture from my country to his country. I see and learn him; his market demand is growing and existing. If there is any question from reader, what is the proof ?, the answer is see and learn on may overseas online furniture store, such like India, Singapore, Europe and many others. Most of them offer imported wooden furniture which labeled “made in Indonesia”.

mahogany furniture

Producing Sleigh Bed

In this web posting, I try to relate my first paragraph and second paragraph, it’s about pricing and quality. I ever service foreign partner from Canada, Australia, and India. With my first trial service, I got failure to service them but for next order I got success. The point that I already got from this experience that every destination and country has different weather, and of course the method to produce quality wooden furniture for different country is different also. I give several examples, it’s about material for top board of cabinet, for Canadian market I use MDF or Plywood, but for Australian I can use solid wood with splitting method it used to reduce production cost without decreasing the quality. Of course the cost of production will be different depend to the material used. This is what I mean.

Nowadays, many of furniture manufacturer offers cheaper price than other company, I think this is good opportunity for furniture wholesaler or reseller. But we must know that no many of them apply good method for furniture producing regarding to the importer countries. The conclusion is “Finding furniture production method for your market demand”


Mahogany Furniture Supplier

January 3, 2011

This is my first post, and I just want to post about mahogany furniture supplier as I have severalĀ  knowledge in mahogany furniture supplier and information, here I try to find a way to begin the post. As I work with several furniture company based at Indonesia I got some reference that mahogany is hardwood and can be found at many country such like america, south africa and other tropical country. As they said that mahogany wood which comes from tropical country is the best choice for manufacturing furniture. I agree with above statement, because fine mahogany furniture can be created by good grade mahogany timber from tropical country.

In other side, there are many mahogany furniture supplier offers and provides mahogany furniture at affordable price, I think this is the most buyer wants regarding to their need for finding mahogany furniture as cheap as they can find. But there are several point to be considered when deciding purchasing mahogany furniture from supplier or wholesaler. Of course the important point is about durability and kiln drying process that mahogany furniture supplier use. Regarding to my knowledge the best moisture content (MC) for mahogany furniture is around 10-12%. I know this because I always see the buyer when doing negotiation about importing mahogany furniture, they always ask the moisture content on 10, 11, 12%. But the question is, where we can find mahogany furniture supplier whos provide mahogany furniture with moisture content at 10-12%? I think it’s really hard to find and need high cost since mahogany furniture with MC 10-12% is very expensive. Don’t worry I know the way, the simple is you can visit each Indonesia furniture company and check is they has kiln dried place or not.

Here are the picture when testing moisture content on mahogany timber

mahogany furniture supplier