Mahogany Furniture Supplier

January 3, 2011

This is my first post, and I just want to post about mahogany furniture supplier as I have severalĀ  knowledge in mahogany furniture supplier and information, here I try to find a way to begin the post. As I work with several furniture company based at Indonesia I got some reference that mahogany is hardwood and can be found at many country such like america, south africa and other tropical country. As they said that mahogany wood which comes from tropical country is the best choice for manufacturing furniture. I agree with above statement, because fine mahogany furniture can be created by good grade mahogany timber from tropical country.

In other side, there are many mahogany furniture supplier offers and provides mahogany furniture at affordable price, I think this is the most buyer wants regarding to their need for finding mahogany furniture as cheap as they can find. But there are several point to be considered when deciding purchasing mahogany furniture from supplier or wholesaler. Of course the important point is about durability and kiln drying process that mahogany furniture supplier use. Regarding to my knowledge the best moisture content (MC) for mahogany furniture is around 10-12%. I know this because I always see the buyer when doing negotiation about importing mahogany furniture, they always ask the moisture content on 10, 11, 12%. But the question is, where we can find mahogany furniture supplier whos provide mahogany furniture with moisture content at 10-12%? I think it’s really hard to find and need high cost since mahogany furniture with MC 10-12% is very expensive. Don’t worry I know the way, the simple is you can visit each Indonesia furniture company and check is they has kiln dried place or not.

Here are the picture when testing moisture content on mahogany timber

mahogany furniture supplier